HappiChoice is founded by a US engineering graduate. This is not just a company. We have been putting in everything we have including our money, thoughts and time to make this a successful company. Though HappiChoice was officially born about a year ago, we have been working on it every day and night for the past three years. And we are committed to doing so until it gets a place in Fortune500.

The motto of HappiChoice is to give people an opportunity to have financial independence through the talents they have, be it cooking, car-fixing, getting groceries or helping someone doing something. Our model is if we improve people’s quality of life through a decent product, money will follow. Though we gave it our best shot to present a quality website platform for you, we will continue to improve our website to give you a better user experience.

We don’t charge any of our users any money as of now. It will continue to be free for a foreseeable future.