Why work for us?


Career Built on Helping Others

The motto of this platform is to help others. As you can see, we have not asked our users to pay a penny to use our service. However, you will be paid as per the industry standards if not even above. You will certainly be encouraged to think independently, learn and develop your innovative skills that will help improve millions of lives using this platform. Your thoughts and ideas will always be welcome in HappiChoice.

Excelling Career

In the first few months, you will be rotated to involve in projects of various departments. This is to make sure you learn about everything in software engineering. We will also encourage you to participate in various training programs in your field around the world at company’s expense.

Chance to Learn From our In-House Experts

You will be working with the global software experts to build the future technologies. You will stand a good chance to pick experts brain on any subject. You will also be a part of our world-class-work-ethics-following family.

Always Working Towards Excellence

As part of our company’s work culture, we always work towards perfection and excellence. We have the world’s best people in our field. We consistently evaluate ourselves and keep trying to improve for the betterment of tomorrow. If you can be committed and persistent in what you love, you are welcome to join our family.

We Look Only for Good Attitude

We never discriminate people based on age, race and ethnic background. Our recruitment process will be monitored closely by top management. We will filter people purely based on their attitude and talent. Also, we guarantee you a safe and rewarding working environment. You will be respected and appreciated for your good work.

We always welcome committed, talented engineers into our friendly family! Apply now!!

If you like working for us please feel free to send your resume to Career@HappiChoice.com