By using this online platform you agree that you read, understand and accept this terms of service and you will provide accurate information to HappiChoice. Unless you agree to these terms you may not use this online service.


This is just an online platform to help consumers to sell their goods to other consumers. We own none of the products listed in our platform. We only help the sellers and buyers do the transaction. You agree that you are fully responsible for the goods or products or items you post, sell or buy. We use third party services to do the payment processing services. We only help users “sellers” “buyers” facilitate transactions and HappiChoice shall not involve or be involved in case of disputes among the users. HappiChoice is not liable for the loss of users content or any damage incurred by browsing or using any content it has.

Your Content and Conduct:

You agree that you own or have full rights for the content you post and you agree that you are fully responsible for the content you post. You agree that you give HappiChoice a license to use your content in our platform and you also agree that we only help you to sell your products or items and we don’t claim any kind of ownership to your post or items or contents. You agree that you will post or list or email or upload any content mentioned below but not limited to:

  • Contents that you do not own or have full rights to use
  • Any item that has a potential threat to our users or illegal under any applicable law.
  • Any kind of stolen items/properties
  • Perishable items or live animals
  • Utterly defective product
  • Personal data collections
  • Hazardous Chemical substances
  • Illegal drugs or medicines
  • Alcoholic or tobacco products
  • Any type of illegal services
  • Weapons or Hazardous materials
  • Any type of pornography
  • Lottery tickets or any type of gambling products
  • Used beauty/cosmetics products
  • Contents that threatens the integrity, unity, security, and sovereignty of any country


Also by using this platform, you agree to the following:

  • You won’t collect other users’ personal data without their permission or make any defamatory comments or postings against any of the users.
  • You won’t use any sort of automation devices/services for any sort of purposes on this platform.
  • HappiChoice has full rights to disable or remove any of your contents which are not complying with the applicable laws or put your content to investigation under appropriate law. Also, we have the full rights to block or terminate your account from our platform for not complying with our policies.

Your account with HappiChoice:

When you open an account in this platform you agree to the following:

  • You are 18 years of age or above
  • You shall only open and maintain one account for yourself
  • The information you provide about yourself is correct to the best of your knowledge. We have all rights to verify your information with a third-party or we may ask you to provide additional documents to very your identity.
  • You shall not use your account for any sort of illegal activity. We hold all buyers or sellers accountable for any sort of violations of law, terms, and policies.
  • You may withdraw your balance money to your bank account using direct deposit or PayPal account after completing a sale.
  • It is entirely your responsibility to check the accuracy of your bank account or PayPal account information.
  • You shall be asked to provide your payment details such as credit card, debit card, bank account details or PayPal account or any other payment details permitted by us. We have full rights to validate your payment information with the payment instrument provider. Also, you agree that you provide accurate information about your payment details and you will keep it updated.
  • You are fully responsible for any sort of activities and listings on your account including securing your password.

Termination of account:

Both HappiChoice and you have full rights to terminate your account at any given time for any reason without any prior notice. HappiChoice also reserves the right to refuse its service to anyone for any reason in whole or in part without any notice. In case, we terminate your account, you don’t have any legal right or contractual rights to continue to any of our services. HappiChoice will take no liability of the effect this termination may have on you in terms of your income or revenue through the service.

Even after termination of your account, you are still responsible for any fees, fund reversals or refunds or disputes arising from your account prior closing/suspension. You agree that you will not break any laws in connection with your use of our services. And you are responsible for all your activities.

You understand and agree that though HappiChoice strives to provide the best service, things can go wrong sometimes and our services are provided as is without any sort of implied or express warranty. We do not guarantee that this platform will be available all the time and in every location or secure or error-free. We are not responsible for any damage incurred to your any kind of machines or devices by using this platform.

A buyer and seller agree that as soon as the buyer purchase a product by paying, a sales contract will be for formed between the buyer and seller for the particular item. In the case of disputes, either buyer or seller don’t have the rights to assign it to a third party. HappiChoice will only act as an agent to connect the seller and buyer to do the business in terms of listing sellers products.


We are not responsible for any refund for any items in HappiChioce.


HappiChoice is not obligated to issue any receipt for any transactions or payment made or purchases in this platform.

Additional Terms:

None of the above terms forms any kind of relationship between you and HappiChioce such as but not limited to franchisee, joint venture, partnership, agency or employment.

In case of any disputes, you and HappiChoice agree that it shall be resolved only through arbitration not in court.